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Epoxy Flooring Process

After years of using different coatings, we feel that we now use the best series of products to give you the longest lasting epoxy flooring available. With all of our epoxy flooring projects, we grind the surface to open up the pores of the concrete. That way the coating will adhere tenaciously to the surface. The colored epoxy we use as our base coat wicks into the concrete and reduces the risk of blow offs due to hot tires and high moisture emission rates.

On garage floors we then apply a full broadcast of acrylic flake. This full broadcast not only helps with abrasion resistance, but also helps hide small imperfections in the floor. Next we scrape the flake to smooth it out and apply our topcoats. We use a polyaspartic topcoat that gives you scratch resistance 3X stronger than epoxy. Of course it will make your garage floor much easier to clean and turn your garage into an extension of your living area.

Metallic epoxy is an interior, commercial grade, epoxy coating system designed to coat over concrete floors found in residential and commercial areas. After applying the decorative metallic floor coating to a concrete floor, the finished look is a smooth, glass-like finish that has a unique and subtle reflective sparkle. Again we protect the coating with a high gloss or a matte finish urethane. No two floors will ever look the same.

Uses & Benefits of Epoxy & Polyurea Coatings


SEAMLESS & NON POROUS - Your floor will be easy to clean, and impervious to stains and damage from substances like salt, oil, gas, battery acid, and brake fluid.

ULTRA DURABLE - We use the most durable and longest lasting coatings on the market today. The epoxy we use develops a tenacious bond to the properly prepared surface. Our protective coatings will endure the constant wear and tear of traffic and wont pull off with hot tires like other products.

APPEARANCE - Full flake epoxy systems will turn your garage into an extension of your living area. We also can coat the stem walls and steps into your home to give tour floor system a cleaner, more finished look.


    • Garage Floors
    • Interior Basement Floors
    • Kitchen Floors
    • Bathroom Floors
    • Shop Floors
    • Showrooms
    • Veterinary Kennels
    • Warehouse Floors
    • Manufacturing Floors

Average Cost: $4-6 Square Foot

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