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Concrete Staining


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Concrete Resurfacing


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Concrete Resurfacing Process

Decorative Resurfacing will add color and pattern to your existing concrete. These overlays can also repair pitted concrete surfaces back to a broomed finish that will be resistant to the harmful effects of salt. Surface preparation is critical to these 1/8" coatings to adhere. We etch and powerwash or even grind the surface to prepare the slab for the coating. Then we apply a skim coat that repairs the surface and gives you the "grout" color of the decorative surface. Then we lay out the pattern with a stencil or tape. After masking off, we will spray or trowel the main color on.

After pulling the stencil, we apply a couple coats of sealer to seal and protect the surface. The new coating is more durable than the original surface and will clean off fine with a power washer, shovel, or snowblower. We've had these coatings down for ten years and they are extremely durable even in our harsh northern environments. We hope our site gives you some ideas of what can be done to plain looking, old concrete. Please give us a call and we can share with you what can be done to add some curb appeal to your existing concrete.

Uses & Benefits of Concrete Overlay Coatings


DURABILITY - Concrete overlays are designed to adhere tenaciously to existing concrete. They resist damage from salt, chemicals, UV exposure, freeze-thaw conditions, and abrasion. Exterior finishes are textured, which make them skid resistant, and are well suited for surfaces like pool decks, business entry's, and walkways were safety is paramount. Each application has multiple coats of sealer applied to protect and enhance the color of the surface.

APPEARANCE - An overlay is a great way to upgrade the look of warn, plain concrete. Resurfacing adds pattern, texture, and color to existing concrete slabs. Concrete overlays enhances and beautifies your home, along with protecting your investment.

COST - Transforming a drab concrete surface rather than ripping it out will save you money, conserve resources, and eliminate removal mess. Replacing old concrete with new still leaves you with a plain concrete look. Resurfacing, adds color, pattern and protects your concrete surface with a sealer. Our emphasis is on long term performance. Quality is always the most economical when it comes to concrete.


    • Driveways
    • Walkways
    • Patios
    • Steps
    • Pool Decks
    • Business Entry's
    • Inlay Company Logos
    • Interior Microtoppings & Stain
    • Any Concrete Surface That Needs Repair Or A Makeover

Average Cost: $5 Square Foot


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