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Stamped Concrete Project Process

If you're thinking about a new patio or walkway, stamping is a nice option that will add color texture and possibly a pattern. After excavating the area we fill in the necessary amount of compactable fill and tamp it to even grade. We use half-inch rebar at a 24" inch spacing to reinforce and make sure your slab doesn't heave. We either add color to the cement or broadcast a color hardener on the surface to wet cement depending on the situation. Once the color is worked in and the concrete has set to a certain point we broadcast a second antiquing color that keeps our stamps from sticking to the wet surface.

We have a random stone, ashler slate tile, brick pattern, and wood plank pattern that can be imprinted on your slab. Another option is a very nice stone texture thats a cost effective way to add texture to a surface. The next day we'll come back, cleanup the area, cut the expansion lines, and roll on two coats of breathable sealer. There are many options when you're planning a new pour. Please give us a call and we can share some of the ideas and options you have for your next project. Thanks again.

Uses & Benefits of Stamped Concrete


DURABILITY - Stamped or Stenciled concrete can imitate the look of natural stone, tile, wood plank or paving bricks but with the durability of concrete. If a color hardener is used, it will densify the surface of the concrete. Fibers can also be used to hold the concrete together better. Every project is protected with a sealer that will give you a sacrificial wear layer while enhancing the look of the slab.

APPEARANCE - A variety of patterns and colors are available. We can also use texture skins to make impressions in the concrete, then use saw cuts to create the look of tile or granite in any size and shape. Different colored boarders can be worked into the design to really make the area pop. Stamped concrete adds instant curb appeal and aesthetic value to a property.

COST - Stamped concrete is easy to clean and needs very little maintenance. A sealer is applied to protect the concrete from the elements and enhances the color. All that is required is to reapply a coat of sealer every few years to protect your investment.


    • Driveways
    • Walkways
    • Patios
    • Steps
    • Pool Decks
    • Business Entry's

Average Cost: $10-12 Square Foot

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